Mailbox Policies

2019 Design Standards


The Hampsted Village Homeowners Association has adopted a new mailbox policy commencing in 2019. The Association will be standardizing the appearance of all mailboxes in the community for color and style. Consistent black mailboxes will be the community-wide standard. Beyond this post, the mailbox information was announced at the annual meeting, posted on Facebook and included in the spring 2019 newsletter.

Homeowner & Association Responsibility

Normal Wear and tear & Refurbishing

Over time, deterioration causes an unsightly appearance to your property and the community. This was historically remedied by the homeowner’s efforts and often at the urging of management by means of a “friendly reminder letter”. The result has been a variety of appearances that was inconsistent with the design and intent of Hampsted Village. Now, due to the new policy, the Association will be responsible for needed wear and tear maintenance .

Damage & Replacement

The homeowner will be financially responsible for repairs or replacement due to damage. If your mailbox is damaged (i.e. hit by a car or snow plow, etc.) please see the following choices of vendors, which you can contact or you can call the management company to help facilitate your corrective action.

New Albany Painting
TEL: 614-342-0281

Bobby Garrett           
TEL: 614-207-1808