About the Association


The Primary purpose and goal of The Hampsted Village Association is to maintain the aesthetic and financial value of the community. This is achieved through daily operational maintenance of the association’s landscape and structures as well as investment into capital improvements.

What We Do


The Hampsted Village Association is comprised of 684 homes that encompass common areas and green spaces, which are routinely cared for and maintained by the Association. This includes mowing, fertilization, tree care, edging, mulching and care for any surrounding amenities.

Fence Maintenance

The Association owns four rail horse fences that require ongoing maintenance and is scheduled for service on a 3 year cycle for painting and yearly wood replacement if needed.

Leisure Trail Upkeep

The community maintains the asphalt leisure trails which allow convenient access and use of all common area amenities as well as connection to New Albany’s Master Association trails on Fodor and Dublin Granville Roads. The leisure trails are also on a 3 year cycle for repair and maintenance.

Ongoing Care & Maintenance

In addition to the above, The Hampsted Village Association also oversees the care and maintenance of a community gazebo, pond, bridge, green space benches, common area trees, irrigation systems, doggie pots and community entrances.